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See in-depth how the App works and help you to engage more closely with clients and ultimately make you irreplaceable.


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The worlds leading App for CPA firms

Attend this exclusive, live web-event & see why an App for your accountancy firm is an absolute must.  Hear from industry leaders 7 key reasons to launch your own App,

Mobile is here, CPAs need to embrace it, become more connected and launch their own App (that’s where 90% of mobile browsing is done). 

Its no surprise that a record number of CPA firms in America are launching their own App with MyFirmsApp (America's number 1 App developer for CPAs).

When you attend this webinar you will discover for yourselves why the App is so powerful, the benefits that it provides for you and your customers and if you love what you see (most do) you will be pleasantly surprised by how simple, painless and profitable having your App can be.

During the web event Daniel Richards (global presenter & thought leader) will explain why thousands of firms are launching an App, you will see & hear 7 reasons to launch your own, view a live product demonstration plus you’ll have a chance for live Q&A.

Post webinar you will have the opportunity to go ahead with your own App at a special ‘instant launch’ price or to book in a follow up call with the presenter Daniel Richards whichever is most appropriate for you.

No More Paper!

One of our most popular features. Clients simply use their phone to take a photo of a receipt. The App asks them to categorise the bill or expense (i.e. Travel Expenses or Accommodation etc) and then input any relevant data such as a receipt name or how they paid for the receipt, and then save. No more shoeboxes full of receipts!

The captured receipts and information can then be exported and emailed saving hours of sifting through paper receipts. What a time saver!

Track Your Journey With Ease!

The Logbook will record your mileage at the press of a button. Simply ‘tap’ on the start button and the App starts tracking your journey, even when it is minimised. Once you have finished your journey hit stop, give it a name and you’re done.

You also have the ability to export mileage at any time with the click of a button.

Keep On Top of Income

Clients can use their camera phone and the tap of a few buttons to quickly and simply capture invoices and payments. Simply categorise, add notes and then save. No more lost income records!

Captured income can then be exported and emailed saving hours and keeping records up to date.


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"Having tried various marketing efforts, we were keen to innovate and have new ways to engage current clients plus generate referrals and attract the type of new clients we are after. The MyFirmsApp platform is ideally suited to that and outside of how we see our clients using it, promoting it on LinkedIn and Facebook for example will really help us attract those professionals running small businesses."

Mr. Louis Aldum - TaxSense

"We chose the MyFirmsApp solution because we recognise the shift in society which is overwhelmingly technology based today - across all generations. The GPS Mileage Tracker, Photo Receipt Manager and especially the Push Notifications we can send, create real value with our clients. In fact, the ability to send a Push notification is one of the capabilities that we find most beneficial! It saves so much time, even for sending out general reminders - and our clients love them too. In short – this is something all CPA firms should have!"

Jim Turlington - Turlington, Reeves & Orlando, PLLC

"We have been using it for about a year now The Receipt Manager is the most used page and we also promote it regularly in our e-newsletter and the articles about it are consistently opened and read. I personally love it. It’s such a unique talking point. When I tell someone we have an app, they’re always very impressed and think it’s exceptionally cutting edge."

Stephanie Chapa - Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP

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