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4. Preparing for GDPR - Revolution not evolution

5. What is GDPR?

5. What type of data does a practice typically hold?

6. Data retention

7. GDPR & MTD - A natural marriage

8. What are controllers and processors?

9. Records of data processing activity

10. Individual rights

10. Data security and breaches

11. Consent

12. How does your own App simplify GDPR?

15. Things to be done

16. Free Download / Suppliers

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UK Business is braced for yet another challenging year ahead of legislative change with the Data Protection Bill, which will transpose General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and become UK law on the 25th May 2018. Its’ aim is to harmonise data protection laws across Europe and replace out of date legislation that makes no allowance for the way in which data is now collected.

Smartphones, social media and other new digital technologies have transformed the data collection process and with more types and greater volumes of data anticipated in coming years, enhanced security is a necessity.

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GDPR - How should you prepare?

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