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David Oliver  - Founder of Insight Marketing, world-class trainer, speaker and author of 13 books in 29 langagues including major Sunday Times Publications.  David is viewed by many as a voice globally on sales, marketing and negotation for proven, practical growth.  Recent clients include HBOS, Haines Watts, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, HP, Lloyds, Mars, B&Q, UK200 and various governments.  



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4. Accountex - the perfect cocktail

5. Planning your visit - how to register

6. 6 top tips to get the most out of your visit

8. Your one and only checklist

10. Hot and 'Appening'

12. 8 reasons to visit MyFirmsApp's Stand

14. Fix a demo

15. How to get to ExCel

16. Hotels to stay in on site

16. Food and Drink

17. What to do during your stay

17. 4 must hear sessions

18. Floorplan

19. Testimonials

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  • What to do during your stay  
  • 4 must see sessions  
  • Your Accountex 2018 floor plan  
  • And much, much more

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